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License Course

To achieve your solo licence, which is called the Restricted Certificate, the trainee pilot has to :

  1. Be of a physical level equivalent to that of enabling you to get a drivers licence.
  2. Achieve a standard of practical skills as required in the HGFA training syllabus including theory component.
  3. Pass a theory exam.
  4. Complete a soaring check flight without any radio supervision.

All flying is logged and theory books including the workbook are supplied. Your practical training is coordinated with a comprehensive theory component to enable a student to follow and understand their progress.

Typical training includes 3-4 tandem flights, 4-5 sand dune lessons, 5-6 high-glides, and 4-5 soaring flights of approximately 20 minutes duration 20 minutes duration each (with radio supervision). Theory lessons are coordinated to compliment practical as student pilot skills develop.

Time to complete your training is about 10 days, weather permitting.

Lennox Head Hang Gliding

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